When Sash Cords are snapped or repeatedly painted over, the sash window can become difficult to open and close due to the counterweights not being attached to the window.

When the window sashes have been painted shut, it can become quite difficult to allow airflow into the house if the window is inoperable. At the Vintage Window Company, we can free your window from layers and layers of paint! Get in contact with us today to get a quote.


Whether you have no disappearing screens or you just need your screens re-wired in new mesh, at the Vintage Window Company we'll endeavour to have your screens functional in no time. We can do both timber and aluminium!


Over time, glazing putty is susceptible to cracking and eventually detach from the window potentially causing your glass to rattle or even fall out! Generally when glazing putty is renewed, depending on the season, it can vary from 1 week to 3 to completely harden and be available to prime and paint.

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If any timber beading is missing or has succumb to wood rot, it can be renewed sourcing the finest materials and styles.

Alternatively, hung sash windows are held up with tension through plastic canisters called Spirals. Over time, due to loosing tension, stress or not being secure, they should be replaced. Contact us today to get your spirals replaced!